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    Talent Thought: 

    Collect the talents of same value view for forming the team for achieving common vision

    Talent Resource System 

    Our company insists on the principle of “talent is the foundation of the company and the company is the ship for the talents” and looks talents as the first resource of the company, and is dedicated to constructing the fair, competitive, encouraging and effective talents utilization system, invite talents from diversified channels, utilize talents without sticking to one pattern, cultivate talents with diversified means, encourage talents by meeting their requirements, retain talents with emotion and exert the potential of talents. Persisting in the talents utilization principle of “talent with morality on the top, talents with professional skill on both sides, talents with capacity in the middle and talents with achievements in the front”, the group has constructed the complete training management system of “pre-employment training, on-service training, off-service training and self-development”, applied the flexible encourage system of private enterprise, powerfully exert the potential of talents, create value for the corporation and achieve common development in both career and the enterprise, thus becoming the “wealth of talents” for creating wealth and value for the corporation. 

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