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    Corporation Spirit:       comity, effort, practice and development 

    Corporation Vision:      develop “Centenary Ansheng” 

    Corporation Principle:  advance with the time, achieve 

                                        stead development

    Corporation Target:    pursue excellence, surpass ourselves

    Corporation Mission:   construct harmony, undertake responsibility

    Corporation Image:    be sincere forever 

    Corporation Thought:

        Core Thought:              people-orientation, win-win cooperation

        Management Thought: improve competitive force with sincere

                                             management; strengthen cohesion with

                                             cultural management.

                                             Improve strength with target

                                             management; improve innovation with

                                             brand management.

                                             Reinforce constraint force with system

                                             management, improve execution with

                                             procedure management.


        Operation Thought:      keep sincere, lead in the market, create


        Work Thought:             practice, cooperation, learn and innovation

        Talents Thought:         collect the talents of same value view for

                                            forming the team for achieving common


        Humanism Thought:    Care, Love and Solicitude

    Corporation Value View: Responsibility, Value, Benefit

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