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    Chairman’s Speech:

    "Ansheng", the corporation name means the eternal flourish of the development ……

    After dozens of years, Ansheng recognizes development as the most important objective. Based on the business principles " teamwork, excellence, integrity and innovation ", Ansheng Group has developed into a company that consists of comprehensive business fundamentals, powerful and outstanding reputation. The success of the company was benefitted from the Chinese economic reform; the support and cooperation from various friends, the constant effort from Ansheng employees.

    Follow the trend of the multi-polarization of world and economic globalization; we are facing many opportunities, challenges, hopes and difficulties. Ansheng staffs will constantly improve and surpass ourselves, sincerely cooperate with friends of all levels, undertake responsibilities and giving back to the communities when developing, and constantly strive for achieving the vision of "Centenary Ansheng".

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