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    Shanghai Ansheng Group Corporation was established in January 1995. As a the member of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Ansheng Group is an integrated private group that engaged in investment (industry, finance and Hi-Tech), real estate development, property management, decoration project,  and entertainment. 

    The achieve the vision of "Centenary Ansheng", Ansheng Group conducts its business on the basis of clearly defined business principles under the Board of Directior's stewardship. These principles are teamwork, strive for excellence, integrity and innovation. The missions of the group are to operate and execute under our business fundamentals, where we manage costs, risks, reputation and exemplary customer service; to create and support a team of talented and competitive workforce, where we encourage and reward them in contributing to the full extent of their potential; to develop and maintain the brand "Ansheng Brand" and "Ansheng Style", where we strive to create a win-win situation with our business partners. At Ansheng Group, we are dedicated to carry out the guidance of the Chinese economic reform within the organization, as well as we believe it is important as a responsible corporate citizen by giving back to the communities where we live, work and do business.

    Follow the guidance of the Chinese economic reform, with support and assistance from the government as well as the efforts and contributions made by the board of directors and staffs,the group has achieved a healthy and sustainable development in both economic and social benefits. Since 1997, the group has awarded as the “Shanghai Outstanding Private Enterprise” for consecutive 10 years, and entitled as “Shanghai Top 100 Private Enterprise” in 2001, 2002 and 2004. In addition, the group has earned recognition from  municipal and district administrations.

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