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    Your Current Position:  BUSINESS
    • Established in July 1995, Shanghai axa real estate development co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai axa group co., ltd. with development projects in Shanghai, Beijing and other places.
    • From the perspective of the past, it is hard to imagine the glory of lujiazui more than 20 years ago. Now it has transformed into a national financial center. With greater planning and
    • Project Name:Ansheng Jingyuan Project progress:Completion Introduction: Ansheng Jingyuan ( villas)
    • Project Name:Ansheng Huayuan Project progress:Completion Introduction:Ansheng Huayuan ( villas )
    • Ansheng’s film and TV business: mainly engaging in the production of films and TV programs. Recently, it cooperated in shooting the feature film “A Mountain Girl in Flames of War” with the background of the war against Japan.
    • Ansheng Business Building is located in the crossing of Huaihai Road and Fenyang Road, Shanghai.
    • AN SHENG is focused on investing in future energy and mineral projects, including the world's top 10 untapped uranium resources in Botswana and 80 million tons of nickel and cobalt in western Australia.
    • 2019-04-17
      AN SHENG is a partner of a number of high-quality fund management companies. It has specialized fund management companies focusing on equity investment, covering several sectors such as biotechnology,
    • AN SHENG group's equity investment activities are related to the domestic neeq industrial manufacturing sector. The company has a good development trend, good capital flow and a steadily rising stock price.
    • The securities and futures investment business is one of the core businesses of axa group. The company's investment team has witnessed the development of China's capital market wind and rain process, and forward growth.
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